Dr. T.L. Osborn

Dr. T.L. OSBORN, world missionary evangelist, statesman, teacher, author, publisher, linguist, designer, pianist, and administrator is best known for his mass-miracle ministry to millions. With his wife & associate minister, Dr. Daisy Washburn Osborn, they established their headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1949. Together they proclaimed the Gospel to millions of unreached people in over 90 nations for well over half a century of world-changing missionary evangelism, preaching daily to multitudes from 20,000 to 300,000 people with God confirming his Word by many astounding miracles.
Proclaim Christ and Pray for miracles as proof that He is alive
     Dr. Osborn was the first missionary evangelist to go to open fields or parks, in non-Christian nations, to proclaim Christ and to pray for miracles as proof that He is alive. Today it has become standard procedure. The Osborn DocuMiracle films and videos in 70 languages have been shown in thousands of villages and towns in one hundred and fifteen nations, influencing millions to believe the Gospel. The Osborn National Missionary Assistance Program has sponsored over 30,000 national men and women as full time Missionaries to unevangelized tribes and villages. Over 150,000 new churches have been established and have become self-supporting through this evangelism program.
Over 30,000 missionaries-over 150,000 churches through this evangelism program
     As a prolific writer, Dr. T.L. Osborn’s books have stimulated today’s worldwide miracle-evangelism and soulwinning awakening in the developing nations. His living classic, Healing the Sick, has been a faith-building best seller since 1951, and over one million copies are in print in English alone.

     Several of Dr. T.L.’s books such as Soulwinning, God’s Love Plan, The Good Life and The Message That Works, are pacesetters in lifting people to positive faith and super living. They have become textbooks in Bible schools around the world and are esteemed as prime reference materials for successful pastors and church leaders.