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Robert Kayanja is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Miracle Centre Cathedral, a megachurch in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. He is sometimes cited as one of the most powerful people in the country.[1]
He was born in Masooli, Gayaza an impoverished village in central Uganda. He was converted at the age of 17 and entered Christian ministry at the age of 22.
Ministry and theology
Kayanja started the Miracle Centre as a papyrus reed structure, together with a few other young ministers having a 'congregation' of just one. Today it is among the region's largest church buildings, accommodating over 10,000 people. He is also overseer of the Miracle Bible College, the Never Again Children's project and the Kapeeka orphanage. He is the Director of Miracle Television and a frequent speaker on Daystar Television Network.[2] The church has also founded over 1,000 Miracle Centre Churches across the country.[3]
He encourages his congregation to achieve wealth and serve their personal goals.[4] He has travelled to over 50 other countries to preach. His message also reaches people in other countries by books, magazines, newsletters and e-letters.

Criticism and controversy
On December 31, 2005, Kayanjaprophesied that one of the presidential election candidates would die.[5] MPs expressed concern,[6] but the prophecy was not fulfilled.
In 2006 he was criticised for amassing wealth and building a palace at Gaba, a suburb of Kampala on the shore of Lake Victoria. Kayanja told critics to mind their own business, saying that the grand house was a marriage gift to his wife.[7]
In 2009, a scandal erupted when Kayanja was accused of sexually abusing two teenage male church members.[1] Other pastors had assisted the teenagers in filing their complaints, which were later withdrawn. Kayanja's supporters accused rivals of seeking to damage his reputation ahead of a visit by American preacher Benny Hinn to the Miracle Centre Cathedral.[1] The police later cleared Kayanja of sodomy.[8] They also cleared his accusers of charges of conspiracy to damage his reputation.[9]
Personal and family life
Robert Kayanja resides in Kampala with his wife Jessica, their son Robert and twin daughters Kirstein and Christiana. Christiana survived brain cancer in 2004.[10] Pastor Kayanja is the younger brother of the current Anglican Archbishop of York, John Sentamu,[4] and of David Makumbi, a bishop in a Ugandan church.[11]

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