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Peter Youngren is a Christian evangelist, pastor, and author whose ministry is frequently associated with what his followers believe are miraculous healings.
Youngren (birth name Peter Ljunggren) was born in Sweden in 1954, where he was raised by strongly missions-oriented parents. His grandparents were missionaries to China where his mother was born. He has lived in North America since his later teen years. He has four adult children and two divorces. Peter is married to his best friend and colleague Taina.
For the past 30 years, Peter Youngren has led evangelistic festivals throughout North America and in over 85 countries of the world. Some of the ministry outreaches under Peter Youngren's oversight include: Miracle festivals & Leadership Training - In 1976, Peter Youngren founded World Impact Ministries, an organization that carries out missions work. Crowds of up to 600,000 have attended a single service during these gospel festivals conducted around the world. Since the early 1990s, over 9,000,000 people have responded to what Christians refer to as "the call for salvation". Over 235,000 pastors and leaders have attended Peter's leadership seminars. Peter Youngren also performs faith healing during many of his services and festivals, claiming to be able to alleviate afflictions such as blindness and paralysis.[1]
Publications - Peter is the editor of Celebrate, a quarterly magazine distributed across the globe.
Celebration Bible College (World Impact Bible Institute) - 2012 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Bible school, known for equipping victorious believers into service for God. Peter is president and founder of World Impact Bible Institute, located in Toronto, Ontario.
Toronto International Celebration Church - Founded in September 2000, TICC is rapidly growing and strengthening believers across the Greater Toronto area.
Celebration Ministries (World Impact Ministries) - Founded by Peter Youngren in 1976, Celebration Ministries reaches millions each year with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through festivals and conferences. Attendance ranges from 20,000 to over 600,000 people in a single meeting. In 2009 World Impact Ministries purchased The Christian Channel and re-branded it Grace TV.

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